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ERP/ MRP Implementation
Vendor Selection & Evaluation
Business Analysis
SQL Server Administration
Installations & Upgrades
Report & Dashboard Writing
Performance Troubleshooting
Project Management
Training Document Formation
IT Support & Management
Website Design & Internet Services

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ERP Consultancy, IT support and Web Design services in the North West

We are based in Kent and will be happy to provide services to your business in the North West. Please call for a chat about what we can do for you. Our services include:

ERP/MRP Implementation

The software you use is only any good if it’s been installed and implemented properly. Seer Insight will use industry best practices to implement your solution to ensure as smooth a transition as possible and to maximise the return on your investment in technology.

Vendor Selection and Evaluation

There are many different software vendors to choose from. Going cheap might mean you sacrifice on quality or support, but paying more doesn’t always mean you will get something better. Value for money is the crucial factor and we will help you and guide you through this difficult and fundamentally important process.

Business Analysis

Your processes and workflows are what drives the business forward. Finding a better ways to do things will make you more efficient, reduce time wasted and help keep your employees happy. Ensuring the information flow throughout your business is accurate and fast will enable you to make better decisions.

Project Management

Experienced in handling projects of varying sizes, let us manage your project so that you can concentrate on what’s important to you. We will be there at every stage, from pre-project to final delivery and review to ensure project success.

SQL Server Administration

Often the DBA role in small to medium businesses is ignored or pushed aside. Bottom line is, if you are running on SQL Server, you need someone to be the DBA. But that doesn’t mean you have to recruit. Let Seer Insight handle all your database administration needs using best practices and be confident your data is secure, accessible and reliable every time.

Installations and Upgrades

Getting your software installation right can be the difference between success or failure. We can manage the complete installation process for you or we can guide you through it to ensure things are hassle free.

Report & Dashboard Writing

Whatever your reporting requirements, Seer Insight will deliver a quality report finished to production standards. Experience with Crystal Reports and SQL Server Reporting Services, we can also build in automation to ensure your reports are delivered to the right people at the right time, saving you having to do it.

Performance Troubleshooting

Got a poorly performing server or application? Help is at hand. We will implement benchmarking and performance management processes which will identify the cause and lead to solutions to recitfy the problem.

Training Documentation Formulation

Not everyone has the time to produce detailed training documentation, but a well produced up to date manual can save you hours in training. Ask Seer Insight to write yours. We’ll ensure every step is noted and critical information is highlighted using screenshots and examples where appropriate. We’ll even help you build your own knowledge base for your staff.

IT Support and Management

Smaller companies often don’t have the resource to employ a full time IT Manager. Seer Insight can provide a regular, scheduled IT Management service, or just support you whenever you need, onsite or remote, it’s up to you.

Website Design and Creation

Keeping your website current is important these days. Seer Insight will provide a cost effective custom built website for you to ensure your customers and suppliers know about you, and include search engine optimisation to ensure your potential customers do too!